Tony Her Announces Candidacy for St. Paul City Council, Ward 6

My  name is Tony Her.  I came to this country at the age of 14 after the war  in Laos.  I have lived in the Eastside Saint Paul for over 20 years and  have been an active community member in Ward 6 area.  I love our  diverse neighborhoods where my wife I bought our home on Frank Street  and Geranium Avenue.  I worked as a Park Ranger for the City of Saint  Paul from 1998 to 2002 and as a Educational Assistant for Saint Paul  Public Schools from 1994 to the present days.  Most students a Harding  and Gordon Park High Schools know me as Mr. Her.

I  have a long history of serving my Eastside community in many capacities  including being a Board Member for Payne and Phalen District 5 Council,  School Board of Director for Community School of Excellence, Volunteer  Instructor of Wushu Physical Discipline, a Hmong Cultural Advisor, a Representative of the Hmong 18 Council of  Minnesota, and a DFL Precinct Chair of Ward 6 Precinct 6.  Also, I am a proud member  of the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers Union (SPFT).  I love our  neighborhood and community, but there are much to be done for the city  of Saint Paul.

My  issues include Affordable Housing, Economic and Business Opportunity, Safer  Streets for Pedestrians, Racial Equity, Parks and Public Facilities Improvement, Community Engagement and many mores.

As  a former Park Ranger, I believe in environment sustainability and want our  parks and lakes to be accessible and safe for everyone.  I want to be  your go-to-person for all city matters like recycling, potholes, snow  removal, traffic lights and pedestrian crossing.  I will open my door to  all people, with special encouragement to our newest residents like the  Karen, Bhutanese, East Africans and all others.   

I love my Eastside community and I would be honored to serve you as the City Council of Ward 6.  Thank you!