Affordable Housing. We have a serious shortage here in Ward 6 and far too many empty houses that are unfit to live in and empty lots. We must be creative and pursue multiple forms of affordable Housing. I would immediately inventory existing vacant houses and lots as well as building projects underway. I will work with the District Councils, county and city to come up with a plan to increase affordable Housing Stock.

Economic Development, Jobs, and increased Business Opportunity. Ward 6 must revisit and update our plans to develop available land and empty buildings in ways that provide good jobs. Many of the social challenges could be solved with more jobs. We have a new Mayor and new Economic Development team. This is an opportunity for a fresh start for Ward 6.


Safer Streets for people walking, bicyclists, and improved streets for drivers. Our streets need considerable upgrades and we need to review and improve safety for people riding bikes and crossing streets. I would also work with the community to be sure we have adequate stop lights, signage and crossing lights. We clearly do not need to address the lack of sufficient bike lanes.

Public safety. I will create a working relationship with our first responders and emphasize public safety in a socially just way. Police, fire and all emergency related services work for the community. I will develop working relationships with them all and Ward 6 residents will know they can come to me at anytime with concerns. I pledge and open door policy


Racial and Gender Equity. We are a diverse community and we must all be treated fairly and included in the opportunities and prosperity of our community.

Public Parks and Facilities Improvement. As a former Park Ranger, I believe in environment sustainability and want our parks and lakes to be accessible, clean and safe for everyone.


Community Engagement. As the Ward 6 council member, I will hold frequent public meetings, I will have an open-door policy and you will see me out in the community with the people. I will give special encouragement to our newest residents; the Karen, Bhutanese, East Africans and all others. We are a community of immigrants and refugees.